Dreaming In Columbian

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Worlds apart, separation from my mind.
Just close my eyes to bring me there.
I fall apart, the pieces are so hard to find.
A puzzle piece is torn in half.

The absence, of color, surrounds a broken dream.
Call my eyes to take me there
One by one I watch, as the pieces disappear,
My friends become the ones I hate.
This house of cards it, won't withstand the wind.
I shut my eyes to escape.

All my whites have turned to black.
Every time I close my eyes, dream in Columbian.
All my bugs are comin' back.
Crawlin' on my face, they speak in!

Worlds apart, a separation from my soul.
Worlds apart, the separation is now whole.
I watch the pieces fall apart.
I try to make a brand new start.
I'm fallin' in, I'm fallin' out,
I'm fallin' up, I'm fallin' back,
I'm fallin' down, an' fallin' round, an' askin' why?

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